How to enjoy your 'Take-out' nails

Thank you for purchasing your exclusive set of 'Take-out' nails! The set of nails you have, has been lovingly hand-made and custom fitted to your nail size.

When you receive a set of our nails, you will also receive as part of your kit, a wooden cuticle stick, a pink buffer, a grey file, an alcohol swab, a nail adhesive sheet as well as nail glue.

Now that you have a set in your hands, you're wondering how to apply them. Not to fret, here to help!

Step one: 

Ensure your nails are free of any old polish, gel or enhancements. Lightly push your cuticles back (you can opt to do this in the shower if you have stubborn cuticles).

Step two:

Using the alcohol swab, swipe your nail plate to make sure it is rid of all oils and moisture. Then using the less rough side of your grey file in the kit, VERY lightly etch the surface (you're etching, not filing the surface off) of your nail to create a rough surface to ensure the glue has maximum adhesion. Wipe again with alcohol swab.

Step three:

Apply a dot of glue to the underside of your press-on nail. Be careful not to use too much glue as this will cause glue to flood at your cuticle area and cause your nail to pop off prematurely. Angle the nail tip at the very tip of your nail then slowly sliding it to the base. This is to ensure that no bubbles form under the nail when the glue has dried. Once the nail is in place, give it a nice firm grip to ensure maximum adhesion.

Use the pink buffer to buff off any sticky-outie bits and to smooth the nail edge if required. The rougher side of your grey file is useful for removal and quickly taking down length if you want them shorter.


If you're using the nail adhesive sheet, they can wear 2-3 days if you're careful and be removed in a hot shower. 

If you're using nail glue, they can be worn for up to 2 weeks (no longer) if applied correctly. Once used with nail glue, they have to be removed with acetone. To remove your nails with acetone, use a small sheet of foil and a cotton pad soaked with acetone for each nail. Wrap each finger for about 10 mins and use the wooden cuticle stick to scrape off the gluey residue. Use your pink buffer to even out the nail surface of any remnants of nail glue. 

Be careful not to expose your 'Take-out' nail set to acetone if you're not yet ready to remove them.